Feast of Pak Tai

 Apr 18

Performances of Chinese opera are usually held in a mat-shed at the Pak Tai Temple in Taipa village.


According to legend, Pak Tai conquered Demon King, who was terrorizing the universe. As a reward he was given the title of Superior Divinity of the Deep Dark Heaven and True Soldier of the North.

昔日,氹仔島上大部份是漁民,他們對掌管水族的北帝尤其祟拜,所以在當地修建了北帝 廟,它是全澳唯一供奉北帝的廟宇。

As a reward he was given the title of Superior Divinity of the Deep Dark Heaven and True Soldier of the North. Chinese opera is performed by his temple on Taipa.

慶賀北帝誕的傳統還延續到今天,這裡的居民每逢誕期都會在廟前舉行盛大的賀誕活動,包括一連幾晚的神功戲及燒香酬神等活 動,氣氛頗為熱鬧。

resources: http://zh.macaotourism.gov.mo/index.php



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St. Lawrence’s Church

rBuilt by the Jesuits in the mid-16th century, this is one of the three oldest churches in Macao.


Its present appearance and scale was acquired in 1846.


Situated on the southern coastline of Macao overlooking the sea, families of Portuguese sailors used to gather on the front steps of the church to pray and wait for their return, hence it was given the name:Feng Shun Tang (Hall of the Soothing Winds).


The neighbourhood where the church is located used to be fairly wealthy, thus explaining the building’s scale and wealth of architectural treatment. It is a neo-classical structure, with subtle Baroque decorative inspirations.



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Ushering Chinese New Year

The Lunar New Year is the most important and colourful festival in the Chinese calendar.


In February, there are a huge number of events organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office to mark the occasion.


Aside from street parades featuring a giant dragon and lion dances, there is also a Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Dog.


After that parade, there are lots of opportunities for the public to take photographs of the floats that were used, when they go on exhibition: first at the Macao Science Center and later at Tap Seac Square.


Parade of Gigantic Dragon
Time: Feb 16th: 11:45am to 1:15pm
Route: Senado Square → Calçada do Tronco Velho → St. Augustine’s Square → Rua Central → Travessa da Paiva → Government Headquarters → Travessa do Padre Narciso → St. Lawrence’s Church → Bairro de Lilau → Rua da Barra → A-Ma Temple → Pousada S. Tiago → Av. Panorâmica do Lago Sai Van → Rotunda da Baía da Praia → Sai Van Lake Square




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Macao Light Festival 2017 – AMOR MACAU

“Macao Light Festival 2017 – AMOR MACAU” come on stage from 3rd to 31st December at various locations in Macao, presenting a glamorous journey brimming with love and dreams that is well-designed and created in concerted effort by the organizer – Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and over a hundred local transmedia creators.

2017澳門光影節 – 愛滿全城‧愛在路上” 於12月3日至31日在澳門多個景點上演,由主辦單位旅遊局與過百位本地跨領域創作人精心打造充滿愛與夢想的光影之旅。

Coming to its third edition, the Macao Light Festival will present an innovative and splendid program which includes projection mapping, light installations, interactive games and a series of extended activities such as Light Art Exhibition, Outdoor Local Concert, Outdoor Movie and Light Dinner. Related cultural and creative products will be launched in tandem with the Macao Light Festival as well.


Date:3rd to 31st December
Time: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Resources: http://m.macaotourism.gov.mo/index.php



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17th Macao Food Festival

Much anticipated by local residents and visitors, this year’s Macau Food Festival – themed ‘Exploring the New Frontiers of Flavour’ – has attracted more than 150 participating merchants.


The Organizing Committee has invited 26 food and beverage participants from Kansai, Japan for that authentic Japanese flavour.In addition, you can visit the Japanese Village built on the lower level of Sai Van Lake Square, to savour authentic Japanese delicacies for an extraordinary experience.


On-site game booths and traditional Japanese performances are included.



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Lotus Square

Standing in Lotus Square next to the Forum, the large sculpture of “Lotus Flower In Full Bloom” presented by the State Council of China in 1999, marks the return of sovereignty of Macao.


The lotus flower, which is in full bloom, symbolizes the everlasting prosperity of Macao. There are three layers of red granite at the base, which are in the shape of lotus leaves, signifying the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island.


Address: Rua Luís Gonzaga Gomes


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