World’s debut exhibition “LINE FRIENDS WORLD TOUR MACAU 2018” will be held at Macau this summer, a first ever travel-themed exhibition leading visitors a round-the-world trip in the world of LINE FRIENDS.

風靡全球萬千粉絲、人氣爆燈的肖像品牌LINE FRIENDS,將在今個暑假首次登陸澳門,舉行全球首個「LINE FRIENDS世界」名勝旅遊主題大型展覽!


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2018 Macau International Firework Display Contest

The annual Macao International Fireworks Display Contest usually takes place on several Saturdays every September, on Mid-Autumn Festival and on China’s National Day on 1st October.


The marvellous fireworks displays add a joyous atmosphere to holidays and festivals, and have become an annual must-see in Macao, with many spectators specially choosing this time of the year to visit for an exotic and romantic break


1/9, 8/9, 15/9, 24/9 & 1/10, 2018
21:00 & 21:40|Sea Area in front of the Macau Tower

Winner of the Past (2016 28th)

Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd. Japan



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Marc Chagall, Light and Colour in Southern France explores the omnipresence of light and colour in his work from the 1950s to the 1970s, inspired by the dazzling Mediterranean Sea and bright landscapes of the French Riviera.


Marc Chagall had first discovered this region at the end of the 1920s.The intensity of the southern light had a profound effect on him, stimulating an artistic renaissance.


Greece, where he travelled in 1952 and 1954, also became a source of inspiration. Colour, in an aesthetic and a symbolic sense, is essential to Chagall, an architecture within the composition and a vector of spirituality.


This first exhibition in Macao dedicated to Marc Chagall will feature a selection of works (paintings, gouaches, lithographs, costumes and tapestries) which highlight the pre-eminence of light and colour in his creations.

Duration: 2018-06-01 – 2018-08-26
Dates of Guided Tour for Public:
2018-06-01 – 2018-08-26
(Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 15:00-16:00 1st floor)

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2018 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix

Macao has held 21 editions of the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix with great success from 1994 to 2017.


The efforts made by the organizing committee were recognized by FIVB and the competition was well received by local citizens and tourists throughout the years.


The grand debut of The FIVB Women’s Volleyball Nations League will bring to the audience exciting matches of higher standard showcasing the outstanding skills of world-class volleyball players. The event will surely become another major sporting event in Macao.



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King’s lobster

Today, I would like to introduce King’s lobster, which located at Rua de Negociantes no.23 Taipa. It’s very delicious, you must go there to try when you come to Macau ~

Opening hours: 1230~1500, 1800~2230

Closed: Wednesday

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Feast of Pak Tai

 Apr 18

Performances of Chinese opera are usually held in a mat-shed at the Pak Tai Temple in Taipa village.


According to legend, Pak Tai conquered Demon King, who was terrorizing the universe. As a reward he was given the title of Superior Divinity of the Deep Dark Heaven and True Soldier of the North.

昔日,氹仔島上大部份是漁民,他們對掌管水族的北帝尤其祟拜,所以在當地修建了北帝 廟,它是全澳唯一供奉北帝的廟宇。

As a reward he was given the title of Superior Divinity of the Deep Dark Heaven and True Soldier of the North. Chinese opera is performed by his temple on Taipa.

慶賀北帝誕的傳統還延續到今天,這裡的居民每逢誕期都會在廟前舉行盛大的賀誕活動,包括一連幾晚的神功戲及燒香酬神等活 動,氣氛頗為熱鬧。




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