Macao Tourism Mascot “MAK MAK”

澳門旅遊吉祥物黑臉琵鷺“麥麥” ,靈感取自東望洋燈塔,身上的紅、黃、藍色帶出歐陸感覺。

The Macao Tourism Mascot “MAK MAK” is a black-faced spoonbill, its design inspired by the Guia Lighthouse. The hues of red, yellow and blue on “MAK MAK” bring out a European aroma.

“麥麥”以探路者的角色帶領旅客探索澳門這個中西文化交織之地,並透過旅行尋找自己的意義,帶著所見所聞回到最愛的地方 —— 澳門。

In the role of a pathfinder, “MAK MAK” guides travelers to explore Macao, a city of Chinese and European cultures woven together in harmony, while searching for its own meaning on the journey and bringing back all valuable experiences to its most beloved home – Macao

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