The 33rd National Lotus Flowers Exhibition and the 19th Macao Lotus Flower Festival


 “The 33rd National Lotus Flowers Exhibition and the 19th Macao Lotus Flower Festival” will be held from 3 to 16 June. There will be two major exhibition venues. The principal venue will be in Avenida da Praia in Taipa. On the theme of “Splendours of the Tang Dynasty”, the overall design will use the theme flower ‘Haojiang Qing’ (Nelumbo nucifera cv. ‘Haojiang Qing’) and other flowers to showcase the splendours of the great era of the Tang Dynasty, bringing the visitors to meet the lotus fairies.


The second venue will be in Tap Seac Square in Macao and there will be 26distinctive exhibition areas of lotus from provinces and cities in China, which feature the customs and characteristics of different regions in China. In addition to the exhibition areas, there will be over 13,000 potted lotus displayed across Macao, along with a series of activities to promote the lotus culture. The activities will include “Retrospective Exhibition on the Past National Lotus Flowers Exhibitions”, floral art exhibition, photography exhibition, lotus culture exhibition, competitions of various kinds, workshops, etc. This event will allow those who like lotus flowers to appreciate them in Macao and celebrate the festival.


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